Urban Gods ‘Eitri’


The Old Ways are gone. The gods sleep. Except for one… Eitri The Creator has forged weapons for a lifetime. When you’ve logged over five thousand years in the universe, the notion of retirement sounds pretty damn good. These days he lives in solitude, making highly coveted intricate art and jewelry in Ashville. Deprived the companionship of his kin out of necessity, his work has become his solace. His passion. There isn’t anything more satisfying than precious metals yielding to the magic of his hands. But that assumption is tested with the arrival of the first human to gain entry to his workshop of wonders—a female, no less. A woman with sensuous curves that beckon for their own magical touch.

Zaia Cabot’s connection with Eitri is instantaneous. What started out as the scoop of a lifetime is turning into something more. Something bigger. As her days with him stretch into delicious, sinful nights, while he is sure they’re destinies are intertwined, she is not so sure. How can she trust him with her heart? Eitri can’t risk spilling the truth to Zaia. Not when the wind whispers of the gathering darkness. Whatever is coming for them threatens to shake the gods themselves from their beds. Yes, his brothers will awaken and know their destinies are also at hand. And if that happens, if the darkness stakes its claim? Eitri the creator, will become the most dangerous weapon in existence.



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