Where She Lays (Royale Fairytales 1)


Patrick Royale is the first born into a wealthy family with seven sons who were the most eligible bachelors in San Francisco. With his mother on his case about getting married, Patrick and his brothers are hesitant to bring any girl home. Then there was Jewel, a waitress with a streak of pure white hair and a smile that could outshine the sun. instantly smitten, their relationship begins hard and fast. Jewel doesn’t care about his money or what the hell he drives. She doesn’t wasn’t fancy clothes and is more attached to her favorite mug and her truck than people. It leads to steamy nights in her home on wheels aka her silver airstream nicknamed ‘baby’. That was until it was stolen, and Jewel has nowhere to go.

Come home with me, the solution quickly came to his lips, but then the Royale talisman comes into play and so does his crazy rich chaotic family. No one has ever been able to sleep in that bed with the coin under the mattress and Patrick comes up with his own plan to thwart his mother. Jewel was too important, and no coin was going to dictate who can have his heart. But that damn talisman was more like a curse than anything else. It could cost Patrick the woman of his dreams who encouraged him to reach past the stars for himself first and no one else. Except Patrick wants to give her the stars and moon combined


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