Wrapped In Red, White and Blue


Ruby Greer needed a job and when she saw an ad at Cherry Point Marine Base for a full time babysitter, she took the entire ad with her and headed to the address. At the house close to the sand dunes of Crystal Coast North Carolina, she found Lieutenant Colonel Byron Keats and his three-month-old baby son Jason. The man was as straight laced as they came and after one look at her, he was willing to send her packing. Ruby was accustomed to being judged by her looks, a tattoo sleeve on her arm and a love of rock music generally didn’t make people think she was qualified. But after pointing out her experience and the fact that he was flying blind as a new father, she got the job.

She certainly didn’t expect to have an attraction for the older man. The way he kissed and things he made her feel was new exciting and she craved more. Ruby wanted to help him see the joys in life, a life with her. Byron was already doubtful, about the age difference and when her family made an appearance. She almost ran away. This time it was Bryon who stood with her and wanted her to fight for what they created, fight for their love. Ruby was ready to make the choice to follow her heart. But if she succumbed to the pressure of her family, she may under her father’s rules once again. Byron gave her his love and shared his son with her. Ruby didn’t want to be the one who broke his heart.



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