Yuletide Mischief


He was a heart breaker, a mischief-maker, and that was the way he liked it. His cousins Nicholas aka Santa Claus and Jack Frost had succumbed to the power of human love but not him. He would make sure that his entertainment level was high, and he would spend Christmas in New York. When he saw a woman dressed as an elf stop one of his tricks, he was speechless when she literally called him out. Loki felt as if he was drowning in her chocolate gaze, and instead of causing mayhem for the holiday season, Loki found himself enamored by this woman who knew his true name and nature. Could a woman like her ever love someone like him, especially knowing that it was in his nature to be naughty and not nice?

Vivienne Gallant aka Vivi to her friends was as energetic as her name. She always had the sight and could see through the glamour of beings that were more than human. With her knowledge and her sight when she saw Loki up to his tricks, she was determined he wouldn’t ruin the holidays. But at his first kiss, she thought her body would melt, and when she showed up at his penthouse with the excuse she was guarding him, she knew she would end up in his bed. Vivi felt herself falling hard for Loki, but could she prove to him that love wasn’t a curse but a gift she was glad to share?



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