When we’re at the Crossroads, what path do we choose? Do we go with the path that is sure and true or do we face the unknown? I’m Dahlia Rose and I always pick the road less travelled.

Let the adventure begin when you delve into the Crossroads anthology, A multi-genre box set that features 21 of the best Interracial authors. Pre order now for 99 cents and there will be nothing that tears you away from the pages of this set!

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Wrecked is my contribution to this amazing compilation. Set on a deserted island, Charlie has had evetyhing handed to her all her life and no real direction. Jeremy is the bodyguard hired by her father to keep her safe but when the luxury yacht goes down in a storm All bets are off, he is going to make her work for her supper. But don’t count Charlotte Morehouse out. She is as feisty as they come and while the attraction grows between them, they butt heads more often than not. Who wouldn’t want to be stranded on a island with the sexiest bodyguard around? Read the complete blurb below.


Poor, little rich girl… Charlotte “Charlie” Morehouse is used to getting her way whether with her name or with her father’s money. Mother Nature had other plans. On the way to an exclusive island resort at Bora Bora her father’s yacht gets caught in a storm and ends up stranding her on a deserted island with Jeremy Frost, her bodyguard, who goes from strong and silent type to ordering her around. How dare he! Between bickering, avoiding starvation and dehydration, and working like she’s never worked before they share a kiss so hot that it rocks her world. Attraction burns white hot between them. Charlie starts falling in love. Hard. An act of betrayal could change all of that. Can she learn to forgive or will she lose the love her life forever?

Until the storm Charlie was just a job to Jeremy Frost. Another spoiled brat he had to guard with his life. Spending time with her, forcing her learn the valuable life skills he’s had to develop since a young age brings them closer together. Things go beyond teaching her survive for herself rather than on daddy’s money and her name and blossoms into the unthinkable: love. An act of betrayal on his part has him doing whatever it takes to prove to her that they shared on the island was real. He refuses to let anyone and anything tear her away from him. But will Charlie give him a chance to find paradise again or will they end up completely wrecked.

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