A Love Hate Relationship


Theirs was a dance in and out of the courtroom. When State Prosecutor Felicity Kirkland said push, Rhett Courte pulled. If he said up, she chose down and when it came to cases it seemed like he wanted to push her buttons and she wanted each thing neat and tidy. They were like oil and water, yet one night they combusted, and neither would admit, they would never be the same again.

It was a one and done type of thing…or so they thought. Until one night Rhett and Felicity stared at multiple positive pregnancy tests. They swore they didn’t like each other but as time went by Rhett saw a woman he loved, a family he craved and a life he didn’t want to give up. While Felicity feared giving up the independence, she strived for, by falling for the man who got her pregnant. The two of them stuck out like sore thumbs in Wyoming. With the past haunting them both, could these two get over the love hate relationship that created new life between them? Can Felicity and Rhett move forward, to be what they needed each other to be?


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