Eclipse of The Heart (Love Happens In Westerly Book 2)


Full moon. Werewolf Sighting. Alien Abductions. Check. Check. Check. And double Check. Nope none of those things explains why Westerly the town Nicole loves has gone crazy and the love nexus is still going strong. At least she has the oasis of her little flower shop or so she thought. When Abel Stallings comes around and looks at her with those gorgeous blue-gray eyes he seems to see straight into her soul which short circuits her brain and suddenly her feet don’t work, and her words don’t make sense. What could a hunk like Abel see in someone who isn’t a super model or one of the fashionably put together types that lives in Los Angeles? What could he possibly see in a small-town girl? But when he kisses her whew! Her resolve crumbles and she wants to jump into the nexus headfirst.

What is going in on Westerly? Whenever Abel returns to the small town it gets deeper under his skin. With his best friend getting married and living across the street from his extended let’s call them unique family. He can’t stop thinking about the woman who runs the local flower shop. Something has to be going on and it’s giving him hives. He just can’t keep away from the town or the sweetly shy Nicole “Nic” Fox. He can’t help but wonder what’s beneath that gentle personality. Abel would be the first to admit Westerly was not so bad as long as he can keep kissing Nic but he refuses to fall into the nexus without a fight. With every shared moment, he wants to give her the world and gets pulled deeper into the magic of Westerly. But with Nicole not asking for or expecting anything he has to wonder is she suffering from a total eclipse of the heart or is she hiding her true feelings?


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