Honor and Wealth: Remy


Sinead Christie was dedicated to the foster kids in her care. Was she surprised to be groped at a charity event trying to gain donations for her kids? Nope, because rich people felt that for their money, they could do whatever they wanted. But that was when she met the mysterious billionaire, Remington Durant, for the second time. With one act of kindness, Remy changed Sinead’s life forever. He slipped a check with more zeros than she’d ever seen into her purse and made sure she and the kids were taken care of. Remy even showed up at their home with gifts for the kids and a heart to make a difference. From their first date, she found that he was more than just his money. As their connection deepened, Sinead found herself falling for the former soldier with a heart of gold.

Raised with a platinum spoon in his mouth, Remy made sure he was exactly the opposite to what his father believed and how he was raised. He joined the military, served with men and women, and suffered loss along with them, and when he took over everything his father built, Remy set about to change it in every possible way. Danger threatened her and the children he grew to love. Remy realized that falling in love with Sinead was something unbreakable, and he would protect them at any cost. What was between them was more than just passion and desire – it was the healing balm on his soul. And when he loved, Remy loved with everything he had, and anyone in his way would face the full force of the soldier billionaire and his wrath.


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