I Think We’re Alone Now (Love Happens In Westerly Book One)


A city boy born and bred, Dr. Ray Solomon is used to living life large. So naturally fate would decide to pull an ironic twist and land Ray as the resident doc in Westerly, North Carolina—the smallest town on earth. According to the locals, Westerly’s biggest claim to fame is a mysterious and mystical geological anomaly that spells imminent love for anyone who enters the town limits. Sounds like they’ve all been drinking way too much margaritas, but when you live in a one-horse town permanently stuck in a time warp you’ve gotta find something to amuse yourself. And no joke on the time warp thing. Seriously, it’ll be a damn miracle if his car doesn’t transform into a DeLorean. Working at the postage-stamp-sized Veteran’s Hospital is a challenge, but the biggest test of all? Keeping his hands and thoughts to himself when it comes to Fayth Collins—the sexy nurse with soft chocolate eyes and a body made for all things fantasy. Especially his.

Spitfire Fayth isn’t one to swoon over a man with big city charm. Not even one as gorgeous as Ray. No, he’ll have to put in plenty of sweat equity to win her heart. Oh, and one other little thing. She’s a package deal. In other words, Ray has to contend with her entire extended family– that just happen to live with her. Privacy? Hell, none of her roomies know the meaning of the word. Despite her making it clear they have no future, He refuses to take the hint. Ray would have to be crazy to pursue Fayth with the mountain of obstacles facing him, but he suddenly has an insatiable thirst only she can quench. They say people who are meant to be in Westerly never leaves. Because it looks like Ray is about to be its next victim…




  1. Marium

    Dear Mrs Rose.
    Amazon in its infinite wisdom has barred me from writing reviews on books I purchase from you and other authors I love. I don’t understand why. I am a customer but when I spoke to customer service they said I had some kind of personal contact with you which I do not. I don’t like their practices in the least, I don’t know you but I like your work and buy all your books. I feel the is very unfair to categorize people and all our reviews are honest and to the point. I chose to put my review on your website, I hope you don’t mind. Thank you for the enjoyment of your books. I will continue to buy even if I can’t review.

    Honest Review
    So the first thing I want to say is I love seeing Ms Rose flexing her writing muscles. I’ve seen some of her newer covers and whats coming and I think she is moving away from her usual genres and I love it! Westerly was new and fun outside the norm, Dada and Maxie are my favorite out of Fayth’s family and her brothers had me laughing. I read this book in one sitting and I couldn’t put it down. Which meant I was fading at work but I didn’t care. Fayth is a nurse who knows the clinic more than the doctors and Ray’s priorities were on point for the patients. For ne as a nurse this really rang true. Wow how he loved Fayth I want a man like that! When they got together, pure liquid sex. This is a definite recommended read for me and I can’t wait to see what happens next in Westerly. Also the tree scene, READ IT, I am telling you I laughed till I cried. Great work Ms. Rose I’m putting the flag down to claim I am your number one and biggest fan ever!

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