It Takes A Kiss ( Royale Fairytales Book 2)


Hmmm are you up for it….Elodie?”
Who knew that his mother’s charity carnival would lead to the love of Oliver Royale’s life. But there was Elodie North. A sweet breath of fresh air, with a pitching arm that dunked him a few times and a sense of humor that made him blush. It was like his heart knew, she was to be the one and he set out to charm the lovely Miss Elodie and win her heart. With his mother going rogue with Mrs. North, his father going caveman to bring her home. It seems her family was as crazy as his.

They carved out time between two busy schedules, to make that connection and be pulled into a whirlwind romance. There are always bumps along the path to true love and they both had troubles on the horizon. Oliver felt they could overcome it all, but almost losing her could destroy him in ways he never thought possible. Would the kiss of the third Prince of the Royale family and pure unadulterated love bring his princess back? Or would Elodie be his sleeping beauty frozen in time.


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