One Fine Christmas


Willamina ‘Willa’ Bernard, a wealthy young widow was in the center of every man in London’s eye. Why? She was the sole owner of the Bernard Holdings within London and sat on a large fortune. Marriage was offered not for love, but to control her life and fortune. They would fail because Willa was too smart for that. Christmas time was always a dull affair, she was alone with just a small trusted staff in the mansion. There was no parties where she was invited, no friends to share gifts, instead she watched the merry masses outside her window and longed not to feel so alone. Until her dead husband’s best friend came home and then her world was turned upside down. He offered her, gentle touches and brought a sense of magic into her home. Could Willa trust her feelings or was this another attempt to control her using her heart as leverage?

Sir Gideon Aldrich, explorer and entrepreneur came home to London to find his friend had died and now his widow was left alone. Instantly smitten by Willa he wanted to protect her especially after hearing how they talked about deceiving her and the nefarious plans that were afoot. He was charmed by her wit and intelligence while she tried to make good changes within her factories. But Gideon also wanted to see her smile, hear her laugh and watch the wariness fade from her eyes. He vowed to show her his affection though the holidays and while ensuring she was safe. Willa needed more than just love, she needed to trust, to believe that there was someone who loved her unconditionally. Willa would have that and more, because this one fine Christmas, he planned to make her, his forever.


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